China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and ZTE set up a joint laboratory to release the first 5G messaging platform standard

On March 30, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and ZTE jointly held the “Online Press Conference on the High-Quality Development of 5G News in China”. At the press conference, the two parties established a joint innovation laboratory for new information and communication technologies with ZTE Openlab and the Mobile Internet Business Innovation Center of Tel Terminal Laboratory as carriers, and released the technical requirements, test standards and evaluation system for the first 5G messaging platform in China.

The joint laboratory will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out comprehensive technical training, standard consultation, testing and evaluation services for China’s 5G messaging CSPs (5G messaging service providers) in accordance with standards, and is committed to building a functional completeness value system for China’s 5G messaging platform, accelerating Promote the high-quality development of 5G news in China.

Wei Ran, Director of Taier Terminal Laboratory, CAICT, Wang Jingyao, Director of Mobile Internet Business Innovation Center, Taier Terminal Laboratory, CAICT, Wu Di, Deputy Director, Wang Quan, Vice President of ZTE, Tu Jiashun, ZTE Technology Spokesperson, ZTE 5G Information director Zhou Xiaojun and other relevant leaders attended the conference.

5G messaging is a subversive upgrade of traditional SMS, an important part of the 5G ecosystem and the digital economy, and an important opportunity for the evolution and iteration of the information service model. As a “road builder of the digital economy”, ZTE, with its rich accumulation of 5G messaging technology and commercial experience, fully supports operators in the construction and business development of 5G messaging networks, and cooperates with operators, terminal manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises. Users and other upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain work together to build a 5G messaging application ecosystem.

China Taier Labs and ZTE continue to pay attention to 5G messaging platforms, applications, and ecological progress, provide authoritative services in the industry, and provide opinions and suggestions for 5G messaging platform selection. It is reported that the joint innovation laboratory for new information and communication technologies established this time will provide technical tests based on the GSMA UP series standards, focusing on the functional completeness and technical capabilities of CSP. The technical ability to support 5G messaging services to help industry customers improve operational efficiency and meet the personalized and diverse needs of users. China Taier Laboratory will comprehensively evaluate the capability level of CSP enterprises, and provide authoritative reference and advice for subsequent operators and industry customers to select CSPs in a professional and impartial manner.

Author: Yoyokuo