Changeable Titanium takes you closer to the door of the new world

"Titanium is hard", it is the only aircraft in the world that has not been shot down

The Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft is the crystallization of American technology in the last century. The most well-known war it has participated in is the Vietnam War. There is no denying the outstanding performance of the Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft in the war. In the entire war, the United States dispatched Blackbird reconnaissance planes no less than 200 times. Even though Vietnam used the most advanced air defense missiles at the time, it still failed to shoot down the Blackbird reconnaissance plane. In addition to lamenting the superb skills of the pilots, the flexibility and high-speed performance of the Blackbird are also surprising.


"Titanium stability", it is the only submarine that magnetic mines cannot attack

The development and utilization of the ocean by humans has a long history. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and can be placed in the deep sea for a long time without rusting at all. The oxygen in the air and the surface of the titanium will form a dense and strong layer of titanium dioxide, which protects the body of the titanium from corrosion, and will quickly heal and regenerate even after wear.

The Type 705 attack nuclear submarine is a nuclear submarine that uses a titanium alloy hull. It is not only the smallest tonnage, the fastest, the deepest, the highest automation, and the nuclear submarine with a titanium alloy hull in the world’s mass-built attack nuclear submarines, but also the Soviet Union. / Russia has so far the nuclear submarine with the smallest number of combatants and the lowest cost-effectiveness ratio. Since the emergence of the Type 705 attack nuclear submarine in the early 1970s, it has attracted widespread attention from all over the world. It has been full of controversy from its design and construction to its commissioning. It is also known as the "nuclear submarine beyond the era". Epoch-making significance.

"Titanium is expensive", creating the only mobile phone case in the world that can compare the price of the iPhone

Titanium can also be used to make mobile phone cases, have you heard of it? I believe many people will feel the same way. The service life of ordinary mobile phone cases we buy usually does not exceed three months. BRIKK, an accessory manufacturer in Los Angeles, U.S., took advantage of the characteristics of titanium, using pure titanium to make a mobile phone case that is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, does not produce scratches, and the shape of the shell is not curved. It is not only very practical, but also particularly domineering in appearance. Cool.

"Titanium is important", it is a precious gift from heaven to mankind

Titanium does not contain harmful heavy metals, is non-toxic and has good compatibility with human tissues and blood. In the medical industry, titanium is widely used in medical devices, artificial joints, orthopedic implants, and cardiac pacemakers. In daily life, titanium can also live in harmony with people without being magnetized, such as glasses, teeth, pacemakers, medical implant materials, golf clubs, outdoor tools, etc. The various advantages of titanium alloy have really attracted people's attention, and its application fields will gradually expand, especially in the civilian industry.

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