CATV amplifiers provide space-saving options for designs

Mouser now stocks the Qorvo QPL181x suite of CATV amplifiers. The devices are GaAs pHEMT CATV RF amplifiers that give engineers space-saving options for designs and applications within the50 MHz to 1800MHz cable spectrum. Applications cover cable modems, optical nodes and set-top boxes, DOCSIS 4.0, FTTH, GPON, and GEPON communications.

The Qorvo QPL1817 and QPL1816 are single-ended, 75Ohm, low-noise, low-distortion CATV-RF amplifiers with 15dB and 10dB of gain, respectively. These ICs in SOT-89 configuration are excellent for infrastructure or satellite projects. Also offered is the QPL1815 differential CATV amplifier, a low-noise, high-performance MMIC amplifier offering 11dB of gain, with dual amplifiers in a push-pull configuration for great second and third-order linearity performance. This amplifier is perfect for DOCSIS 4.0 applications.

The QPL1812 is a single-ended, high-performance pHEMT MMIC amplifier, providing 19dB of gain and an active integrated bias circuit for stable gain over temperature and process variations. The QPL1811 75Ohm amplifier is a broadband DOCSIS 4.0 MMIC with 16dB gain, with two amplifiers in a push-pull configuration for strong second and third-order linearity performance. For FTTH applications, the low-noise QPL1810 amplifier features 20dB of flat gain and uses a single 5V power supply, expandable to 8V, depending on linearity demands.

These amplifiers are each supported by corresponding evaluation and development kits. Every devices’ development kit provides a pre-mounted amplifier along with support circuitry and connectors for rapid prototyping.

Author: Zhuna