Carry out the formulation of automobile maintenance standards


In-depth investigation and research, do a good job in industry planning, strengthen macro-control, and adjust the industrial structure. First of all, it is necessary to conduct detailed investigations and forecasts of vehicle ownership, model distribution, maintenance capabilities and growth rates in all districts and counties of the city. According to the requirements of the warranty system reform, follow the “small Disperse, nearby convenience” and the principles of specialization and *optimization. Carry out scientific planning of maintenance plants as soon as possible, formulate professional, efficient, technologically sophisticated, and high-quality industrial policies, and gradually implement the plan in accordance with the requirements of the company’s annual review and annual inspection. And solve the current supply and demand imbalance, low level, poor efficiency and other problems, strive to adjust the industrial structure, and cultivate a new maintenance market. Focusing on improving the quality of automobile maintenance, promoting technological progress, enhancing corporate quality, and deepening industry management The fundamental purpose of the rectification and management of the automobile maintenance industry is to improve the level of vehicle maintenance, increase social benefits, and provide reliable technical guarantees for the road transportation industry.

It is a strategic task of the industry management department to carry out the formulation and publicity of automobile maintenance technical standards and enhance the quality awareness of the entire industry. Therefore, it is necessary to actively cooperate with the provincial and municipal transportation standards. Department, formulate common vehicle overhaul and maintenance process specifications and procedures, unify various maintenance operation items, process requirements and technical conditions for completion and delivery, inspection methods, inspection rules, warranty conditions, etc.; adopt multiple channels, multiple levels, and multiple forms Special training and lectures, the implementation of national standards, industry standards and local standards, so that the entire industry can eradicate the “three noes” bad habits of “no standards for repairs, no norms for operations, and no guarantees for quality.” Gradually cultivate the fashion of high-quality car repair and excellent service, and organically combine the promotion and implementation of standards with the quality education of the industry. Extensive and in-depth development of quality and price trustworthy competitions in the entire industry. Quality and price are the touchstones for measuring the overall quality of maintenance companies.

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