Brown’s bag attack is ‘greenwash’, says Pafa’s Tyson

Views fly in face of scientific evidence from within government.

23 November 2007 – The UK prime minister Gordon Brown ignored scientific facts accepted by members of his own government departments Defra and Wrap in his attack on shopping bags at the WWF this week, says David Tyson, chief executive of the UK Packaging and Films Association. He also failed to take account of the Scottish Parliament’s review of the environmental impact of punitive action against plastics shopping bags.

Tyson said: “It seems the prime minister is out of touch with reality. He talks about working towards a low carbon economy yet attacks plastics in favour of other materials which will increase C02 emissions.”

He continued: “We must continue to fight such myth and misinformation because we have science on our side. Less than 0.2% of oil is used for all plastic bags and according to Defra surveys, 80% of households re-use them.”

Pafa’s chief executive quotes figures from Defra showing that 59% of people re-use all of their plastic carrier bags, while the items only account for “an infinitesimal” 0.05% of landfill.

“It is astonishing that so many politicians can think only of imposing bans or taxes. When moves such as these are based on ignorance they represent a real danger to the environment – the opposite of what is intended,” Tyson added.

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