Brass, Bronze & Copper Stampings

Brass, Bronze & Copper Stampings

We are a professional precision stamping manufacturer. We offer high quality and low cost Brass, Bronze & Copper Stampings in many different shape.Our business scope including:High precision stamping parts, Precision sheet metal stamping parts,precision sheet metal stamping processing,Deep Drawing stampings, deep drawn stamping tools,other die stamping service including metal stamping related.

Brass Stamping Services

1.We understanding that the quality of sheet metal stamping products is essentially depend on the stamping tools we are using, so the answer is firstly we shall building a High Quality Stamping tools.We keep a high leverage for building of Stamping Die.
2.High leverage of tooling designing and making.We have been in precision tools making over 10 years. we never failed to any project we for technical feasibility.We win more business resulted by our good sheet metal stamping performance.
3.High leverage of incoming materials.We insisting on using high quality components and hardware.We understanding one thing,a real good sheet metal stamping tools depend on following:good stamping die components including the spring,nut etc, a good sheet metal stamping die designing,a good tooling maker,a good professional stamping working team.

Bronze & Copper Stampings Manufacturer

1) Incoming materials inspection prior to use foolwed by sheet metal stamping Work Instruction(WI).
2) Confirmed all drawing information with customer in details prior to sheet metal stamping tooling.
3) Checking the sheet metal stamping process, machine, and other stamping related details in the production line.
4) QC department check the items and package with careful in accordance with stamping instruction.

How to proceed 
Providing us sheet metal stamping related drawing or sample;
We carry through project assessment and sheet metal stamping technical feasibilities;
We give you a pre-design including sheet metal stamping tools and stamping processing;
Design confirmation by customer including stamping mold and stamping processing;
Samples making and confirmation prior to production;
FAI samples confirmation and down payment completed;
Mass production making;
Good delivery;
Balance payment processing;
Finishing the order and providing safter sales service.


We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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