Board mount temperature sensor ICs ideal for portable equipment

ROHM Semiconductor BDJ0x00AHFV Board Mount Temperature sensor ICs, available now from Mouser, are thermostat output ICs. The ICs come with a built-in temperature detection element, constant current circuit, and a high-accuracy reference voltage source in a single chip. These sensor ICs temperature detection can be realised at ±2.5C accuracy without the requirement for a complicated design. The sensor ICs run from 2.4V to 5.5V supply voltage range and -30C to 100C temperature range.

The device has a built-in power-down control function (PD input interface voltage is 1.5V). Its high accuracy thermostat offers ±2.5C (Max.) @ Ta=80C and 10C (Typ) detection temperature hysteresis.

These devices are ideal for portable equipment of micro- and low-current, power down function, and battery drive. These applications include smartphone RF modules, audio-AMPs, and LED drivers; digital still cameras and notebook PCs.

Author: Zhuna