Automatic transmission cars need to change ATF oil regularly

Why should the transmission oil be changed regularly?

Due to the special roads of vehicles, road congestion and poor air quality, it is easy to cause the transmission oil to oxidize and deteriorate, reduce the viscosity, increase the wear between the friction plates, and increase the fuel consumption. The automatic transmission oil (atf) can transmit hydraulic power and clean and lubricate. Two major functions, if the transmission oil is not replaced for a long time, it will cause oil particles to increase or produce debris, which will block the oil circuit, strain the valve body, block the plunger, and even cause shifting out. Therefore, the transmission oil must be replaced regularly .

How often is the automatic transmission fluid ATF changed?

The automatic gearbox is a very sophisticated assembly with a complicated structure. Changing the gearbox oil every 40,000 kilometers is an effective way to make the automatic gearbox work normally.

The automatic gearbox is filled with atf lubricating oil, and its working temperature is about 140 degrees Celsius. If the atf oil is dirty, the anti-wear effect of the oil will be reduced, which greatly affects the life of each component; secondly, the carbon deposit in the sludge in the dirty oil will increase the wear of the friction plates and the components of the transmission system; in addition, the sludge in the dirty oil will accumulate Carbon will make the oil in the valve body oil pipes not flow smoothly, affect the power transmission of the system oil pressure, slow the car speed up or lose power, and in severe cases, it will cause a certain gear to have no oil pressure and cause “burning”.

Many automatic transmission cars have to be disassembled and overhauled at about 200,000 kilometers because they are not cleaned and changed oil in time. If you insist on cleaning and maintaining the automatic gearbox at 40,000 kilometers, you can keep the automatic gearbox in the best working condition for a long time. Use the automatic gearbox cleaning and maintenance equipment to change the oil, you can completely change the oil, and the unique flow rate and pressure of the equipment can completely clean the carbon deposits in the sludge in the automatic gearbox.

How to change the automatic transmission fluid?

If the automatic transmission oil is not overhauled (overhaul needs to be completely replaced), there are two ways: one is to drain the oil through gravity, the oil change rate is about 40%, the principle is the same as that of the engine oil, generally 8 liters of oil The gearbox can also be changed from 3 to 4 liters; the other is to use the machine’s dynamic oil change method to replace the oil in the torque converter’s lubricating oil pipe and heat dissipation pipe using pressure, and the amount of oil used is higher than the variable speed. The actual capacity of the box should be doubled. In the latter way, the oil change rate will be as high as 80% or more.

The specific oil change interval should be determined according to the specific situation. The change interval of vehicles that often drive on bad road conditions should be shorter, and vice versa. At present, most of the domestic automatic transmission vehicles need to change the transmission oil once at about 60,000 kilometers.

Of course, it needs to be replaced every 80,000 kilometers (or 48 months) in areas with a good use environment, and it needs to be replaced every 40,000 kilometers (or 24 months) in mainland China. Sometimes, depending on the usage, it is recommended that the car owner every 20,000 The kilometer (or 12 months) is replaced once. There are many types of atf, which cannot be replaced by mistake. Atf manufacturers usually indicate on the dipstick or in the owner’s manual.

Please Note

GM, Toyota, Ford and other auto companies have different friction coefficients for automatic transmissions, so automatic transmission fluids are different and cannot be mixed. Mixed use will cause damage to the friction lining of the gearbox. In severe cases, the friction lining can be destroyed within 3 months.

You should drive for more than 20 minutes before changing the automatic transmission oil. Do not change the oil when the car is cold. At the same time, the replacement of automatic transmission oil requires special equipment and technology, and the owner must go to a reputable repair shop to change the oil.

It is recommended to go to the car dealer to thoroughly clean the automatic gearbox through a professional circulating cleaning machine.

Check whether the automatic transmission pipeline is leaking.

Check whether the bottom case of the automatic transmission is deformed or leaks oil.

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