Art chair mould in China

Now art chair is very popular for high-end market. And more and more customer custom art chair mould from China. But not all of the Chinese mould maker have ability to make the art chair mould well. So if you want to make art chair mould in China, you should choose a right and strength chair mould maker.



The chair mould maker should have a strong design team to analyze the chair design, and mould structure; they should consider lots point at beginning, such as injection point, ejector pin position…as well as potential problem in future. And art chair mould usually request high precision tooling, some of them may have difficult mould structure; it may also need some assistant equipment, like air assistant system, and water assistant system.

Art Chair usually heavier than normal chair, when we make art chair injection molding, we will add calcium carbonate or glass fiber, it will increase the strength of the chair. Cooperated with a qualified chair mould supplier will bring you more than a mould, but a find injection molding solution.

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