Application Of Silicone Waterproofing Agent

silicone waterproofing agent is an excellent waterproof material, which is widely used in developed countries. It will form a colorless and transparent film after its construction on the surface of the building. The film is not easy to see by the naked eye, but it can block the water drops and avoid invasion into the building structure. This allows the water droplets to wash the building surface clean, but does not penetrate into the interior. Moreover, the silicone waterproof agent also has the characteristics of anti ultraviolet, anti weathering and anti mildew. So how is it used?

The main material of silicone waterproof agent is polysilicate emulsion. After special processing, its silicon atom, oxygen atom and fiber atom will form hydrogen bond and valence bond. This structure makes water droplets unable to be bedside. Its color is colorless or light yellow, after brushing is a layer of colorless transparent film. This layer of film makes the rain fall like water droplets, while the base layer remains dry.

The production process of silicone waterproofing agent is very complex. It is developed by the United States and is widely used in many developed countries in the world. Because of its good permeability, waterproof layer can be formed in concrete, mortar and cement.

Silicone waterproof agent has many advantages. First of all, it is a kind of green building materials, which will not cause any harm to the environment and human body. Secondly, its performance is very good, in the bond strength, permeability, coverage, impermeability and other aspects are very excellent, the construction effect is very good. Silicone waterproof agent is also very easy to apply. It can be applied in the form of roll coating or spraying. The construction process is simple and can be operated quickly. Silicone waterproof agent can also be used with other corresponding series of products to achieve the best effect.

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