AnTuTu announces the Android phone performance rankings for November, with Huawei occupying the top two

Recently, AnTuTu announced the performance ranking of Android phones in November. Different from the previous list, Huawei’s new flagship Mate 40 Pro+ also participated in this ranking and ranked first with an average running score of 698,654. The Mate 40 Pro, the champion of the last issue, can only rank second with an average score of 684,069.

AnTuTu announces the Android phone performance rankings for November, with Huawei occupying the top two

Both phones are powered by Huawei’s newly released Kirin 9000 processor, which performs well. Moreover, AnTuTu also stated that some Mate 40 Pro series models do not have the performance mode turned on and exert their full strength, so this result may be different from some users’ own running scores. The difference in running points between the Mate 40 Pro and Pro+ is due to the difference in the running memory. The former has only 8GB and the latter has 12GB, which has a certain impact on the GPU performance.

At present, the first model in the Qualcomm camp is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, with an average running score of 670145, ranking third. The other models in the top ten are basically iQOO phones and professional gaming phones. Unexpectedly, the ROG Gaming Phone 3 and the Savior Gaming Phone Pro powered by the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor did not perform very well, respectively. It is the ninth and tenth, which may be because the software tuning is not as good as Xiaomi and iQOO. The OPPO Find X2 series, which once dominated the performance rankings for a long time, completely fell out of the top ten due to the release of many new phones.

Among mid-range smartphones, the Redmi 10X 5G equipped with the Dimensity 820 processor is still the first, with an average running score of 404,089 points. This list is almost dominated by Redmi, Huawei, and Honor. Compared with other mid-range mobile phone chips, Dimensity 820, Kirin 985, and Kirin 980 have huge advantages. Snapdragon 768G and Dimensity 800U chips each have a model on the list. .

From the overall data point of view, the current Android mobile phone chips are still the best performing Snapdragon and Kirin. Before the release of Android phones with Snapdragon 888 chips, the Mate 40 Pro series with Kirin 9000 should dominate the list for a while. In the field of mid-range chips, Qualcomm does not seem to pay attention to it, and the “Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit” two days ago did not launch a new mid-range 5G chip.

MediaTek chose to continue its efforts in the mid-end market, and recently exposed a 6nm process mid-range chip with slightly stronger performance than the Snapdragon 865. From this point of view, next year’s 5G market will still be dominated by Qualcomm at the high end, while the mid-to-low end will gradually become MediaTek’s dominance.

Author: Yoyokuo