Analysis of Plastic Flow in Vehicle Retarder Braking

The domestic reducer is mainly a caliper type, and its braking method is to use the brake rail (or brake beam) installed on the reducer to press against both sides of the wheel to generate friction to control the speed of the dump truck . The brake rail of the retarder is generally processed from ordinary steel rail, which is basically equivalent to the material and hardness of the wheel.

From a microscopic point of view, the friction surface of the friction material is generally uneven and has a certain degree of roughness. In the process of dry friction braking, the two contact surfaces can be seen as a lot of uneven protrusions in contact with each other. When a certain braking force is applied to the brake rail, the higher micro-protrusions on the contact surface of the brake rail and the wheel come into contact first, and as the higher micro-protrusions are deformed (the peak is flattened), they gradually change to the lower surface. Of the asperity contact. As the contact process progresses, the contact area gradually increases until the resultant contact force is sufficient to support the external force.

During the braking process of the vehicle retarder, the positive pressure of the brake rail acting on both sides of the vehicle wheel is relatively large, and the plastic flow formed on the friction contact surface will be more obvious. Vibration or other forms of energy emission cause a sudden change in the friction coefficient between the friction materials, which leads to friction noise.

The factors affecting the friction performance are complex, both microscopic and macroscopic. Relevant studies believe that the friction properties of materials are related to factors such as the magnitude of the friction coefficient, environmental temperature and humidity, relative speed, and positive pressure. Small changes in various factors may cause changes in friction properties.

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