Amazon Hot Sale Women Menstrual Cups, Are They Good?

           silicone  Menstrual Cups, keep women feel free in menstrual period.Menstrual cup in recent years is very popular among women, especially for those who want to do sport and exercise in menstrual period but worry about the leakage of sudden"surge" of menstrual flow.What is a menstrual cup and how does it works?A menstrual cup usually is a bell-shaped device which made of silicone rubber or latex. It is folded and inserted into the vagina to catche and collect menstrual blood.Are menstrual cups safe?The menstrual cups manufactured by Weishun factory is made of soft food grade silicone rubbers. It has no common allergens and safe for most user.
Menstrual Cup In Bell ShapeUsage Of Menstrual CupsSilicone menstrual cup is reusable, so it is important to sanitize it. For silicone material menstrual cups, you can use boiling water to kill germs because silicone rubber is heat resistant which can withstand a high temperature up to +230 degree. After sanitized by boiling water, to wash cups by warm water and antibacterial soap is also necessary.Generally speaking, a collapsible mug + a menstrual cup is a good combine. The mug cup is with a lid which can avoid women cups be polluted by dust when it is free. Besides, the mug cup can make sure the menstrual cup can completely in antibacterial soap water or disinfectant.

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