All trailers of internal combustion EMUs can use the same body


The development of power bogies and trailer bogies for design vehicles also allows them to be placed under any car body without modification. This scheme, together with the layout principle of the equipment under the car, ensures that the same car body can be used for both the locomotive towed vehicle, the electric vehicle (motor car and trailer), and the trailer of the internal combustion EMU. The various layout schemes of the function combination make it possible to design vehicles that meet the user’s changing requirements and cost the least cost to supplement equipment for the vehicle without increasing the matching varieties. Research on various combinations of suburban and regional trains shows that when there are only 4 basic structures of the car body, you can get 10 different comfort vehicle plans, with 6, 2 and 4 seats in private rooms, with luggage Storage room, cloakroom, telephone room, official cars manufactured on this basis, as well as commissary and dining room. See the layout plan of these combinations.

The interior decoration parts of vehicle equipment and products are installed on the general car body. If necessary, the same car body can be modified to produce vehicles with various comfort levels and different purposes, avoiding large-scale repair techniques and workshop installation work. This undoubtedly enhances the attractiveness of the vehicles to passengers. The railway bureau can order vehicles according to regional characteristics, especially the needs of residents’ ability to pay.26 Foreign railway vehicles can be remodeled according to changing requirements during their lifetime. The manufacturing experience of modular structure should be further developed on a large scale. We strive to expand the scope of the use of this technology and recommend that vehicle manufacturers follow this idea. As indicated by the current prospective design analysis made by the Ministry of Transportation’s order, the modular concept of the passenger locomotive and rolling stock combination scheme makes it possible to manufacture long-term locomotives and rolling stock under the new economic conditions without the need to invest a lot of money. The type of vehicle structure the user desires. At the same time, the problem of guaranteeing the supply of spare parts for different types of rolling stock is solved, and the operating company can implement the common management and construction methods for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock (considering the wide generalization of components).

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