After two years of Intel processors being out of stock, is it finally ready to expand the Core Duo line?

In order to solve a large part of the production capacity problem, Intel’s Vietnam factory will start to produce a variety of tenth-generation Core (Comet Lake family) processors, saying that the packaging factories in Vietnam and China are of the same quality, but the factories are different. .

At present, Intel’s packaging factories are mainly concentrated in China, Vietnam and Malaysia, and this time Intel has decided to add a tenth-generation Core packaging factory in Vietnam. In fact, Intel’s shortage has started since 2018. At present, Intel has both a 20nm factory and a 14nm wafer factory, and is still building a 10nm wafer factory, which leads to Intel’s production capacity is quite scattered, far from meeting the market. demand.

It is understood that the products of the Vietnamese factory are mainly Core i7-10810U/10710U, Celeron 5205U, Core i3-10110U and Core i5-10210U. These are all tenth-generation Core processors released in Q3 last year, but they are 14nm Comet Lake comets. Lake family. Among them, the Core i7-10810U processor has not been released, and it has not been included in the official website ARK database, but this processor has been exposed for a long time. Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 notebook uses this processor.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic affects the production capacity of the entire semiconductor industry. Whether the CPU production capacity can be restored as soon as possible is not only related to the survival of enterprises, but also affects the entire consumer electronics industry chain. For Intel, there are two main problems in the CPU market that have not yet been solved. One is the competition from friends, and the other is its own shortage. The impact of the latter is actually greater. This problem is not only an impact The supply of low-end CPUs, Core Duos and Xeons has also been somewhat affected.

This time, Intel increased the production of 10th-generation Core Duo by the Vietnamese packaging factory, indicating that Intel’s 14nm production capacity has been substantially improved. The increase in packaging factories, and then contacting the packaging factory in Costa Rica that Intel announced earlier, shows that Intel’s 14nm production capacity problems are looming. gradually resolved.

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Author: Yoyokuo