Adjust the product structure of auto parts


Fully understand your strengths and give full play to your strengths. Most of the member companies of the “Automotive Federation” are old factories that have produced accessories for many years. Some of the key parts and wearing parts of automobiles, tractors, and internal combustion engines produced by some factories are outstanding in the machinery industry. Some are suppliers of main machinery and refitting parts in the automobile industry. Each member factory must give full play to this advantage and firmly occupy its existing market. At present, due to the appreciation of foreign exchange, the import price of imported maintenance parts for imported cars has soared, and the supply is not timely, which cannot meet the market demand. The member factories of the “Automotive Federation” can produce imported auto parts on the basis of existing production. However, there are many types of imported cars, and the varieties are complex, so it is necessary to prioritize development. Under the influence of controlled purchases by users and insufficient funds, the automobile market has shown a weak downward trend, the speed of automobile renewal has slowed down, and the number of old vehicles has increased.

Explore the international market and create more foreign exchange for the country. The member factories of the “Automotive Federation” use the existing advanced equipment and strong technical force to adjust their product structure, and actively develop products with high technical level, good economic benefits, and international competitiveness, so as to create more foreign exchange for the country. At present, the “Automotive Federation” has a large number of member factories actively developing an export-oriented economy based on their superior conditions. If the local product fails the random inspection, it must be rectified and re-examined. The sales unit shall be allowed to sell on the basis of the inspection report that has passed the rectification and re-examination, and the entrusted inspection report is invalid. If the distribution unit continues to sell products that are unqualified in random inspections and have not been re-examined (reported for inspection) for rectification, they shall be re-examined and punished once they are found.

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