Accuracy Control Method of Fine Hole in Aluminum Alloy Precision Parts Machining

The precision of the fine hole is often caused by the scrapping or repair of a product, and sometimes it is also plaguing the NC operator. How to control the precision during the processing? First of all, our equipment must be a good equipment, the accuracy of the spindle can not be problematic, and then we must lay the knife before the processing of the fine hole, it is best to control the knife pendulum within 0.01. Then the length of the knife must be strictly in accordance with the length of the programming. The length of the tool must not exceed 2mm. The value of the input must be checked carefully. It must be checked with the plug gauge or caliper every time the knife is replenished. There is no tolerance until the tolerance standard is reached.
If you encounter a large bearing hole, you should choose to use a boring tool to process, because if you use a milling cutter to do it, the hole will be a little elliptical and the verticality will have problems that will affect the assembly. The advantage of the boring tool is that it is made. Hole verticality is not a problem and it will not be elliptical. Under normal circumstances, the large bearing hole will be selectively solved with a file. When using the file, be sure to pay attention to the torque switch. Look carefully and then lock the knife. Some are slightly smaller but deeper. If you use the milling cutter directly, it will cause the top to the tolerance but not to form the horn hole. If you encounter this hole, you can use a drill bit smaller than the tolerance range to punch the hole first, then use the milling cutter. If you do this in the next circle, the error above and below will not be too big.
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