Accessories distributors must have sufficient awareness of product quality


Many parts distribution companies lack product quality awareness, and the testing methods are very simple; some do not seriously implement parts quality standards, and for the benefit of their own units or even individuals, they disregard national interests and people’s safety and sell parts in warehouses. Therefore, the auto parts market has high quality and substandard prices, and the phenomenon of fake products is very serious, which has a great impact on the order of the auto repair market and interferes with the deepening of the auto repair market. We rectify the auto repair market, we must guarantee the quality of repair, repair price, and repair time to users. However, despite the maintenance company’s technical quality control, the quality is difficult to guarantee due to fake and inferior parts; despite our regulations The repair price is not high, but the high price of accessories still increases the cost of repairing the whole vehicle; the repair time is also affected by rework caused by fake and inferior accessories. Therefore, it is very necessary to include the distribution of auto parts into the management track of the auto repair industry, whether for auto parts distributors or auto repair companies.

The specific method of grasping the auto parts distribution management: rectify the parts market and clean up the sales outlets. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 700 outlets in the city that sell auto parts. Mainly review the operating conditions, purchase channels, quality, price, etc., focusing on clearing out those outlets that do not meet the operating conditions, have no normal purchase channels, and rely entirely on price differences to buy and sell, tax evasion, and illegal profiteering, and ban illegal operations. In the process of clean-up and rectification, we divided the companies into A and B levels according to the purchase channels and operating capabilities: companies that purchase directly from domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers are level A; companies that purchase through other channels are level B . We encourage and support Grade A enterprises and restrict Grade B enterprises.

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