About us

Since its establishment in March 1995, Wonder Metal Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and sales of beryllium copper and beryllium bronze based on the concept of product excellence and service first. For many years, it has been facing major domestic and foreign trade terminal customer groups. Its main products are C17200 beryllium copper sheet, beryllium copper rod, beryllium copper strip, beryllium copper round cake, beryllium copper sleeve, beryllium copper tube, beryllium copper wire and so on.

The annual product sales volume is more than 200 tons. The main customer groups are automobile mold manufacturers, electrical appliances manufacturers, hot runner manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, and some customers can also retail and wholesale to trade customers. According to the current development status of the company, for the terminal customers in Guangdong who need beryllium copper materials, the two parties can negotiate cooperation in the form of monthly payment according to the product demand. In the attitude of honesty and trustworthiness, the company has the purpose of product first price advantage, and long-term The belief of development, win-win cooperation!

The company address is located at: 164-2 Zhen’an East Road, Xiaobian, Chang’an Town, Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, National Mould Capital.

Beryllium bronze (abbreviated as beryllium copper) is a supersaturated solid solution copper-based alloy. It is a non-ferrous alloy with a good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. After solid solution and aging treatment, it has the same characteristics as special steel. Relatively high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, and at the same time have high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, good casting performance, non-magnetic and impact No sparks and other performance.

Wonder metal is mainly divided into two major departments: processing department and trade department:

  1. Processing Department

Cooperate with affiliated companies of national scientific research institutions to solve the heat dissipation problems that affect the performance and life of electronic product components, and provide raw material partial insulation, full coating insulation, and carbon nanotube heat dissipation coating processing.

  1. Ministry of Trade

Agent sales of copper materials for high-end precision electronics industry:

  • beryllium copper (C1720)
  • Titanium Copper (C1990//YCUT)
  • High-strength special copper (AEM400//C5240)
  • High conductivity copper alloy (C7035//C7025)
  • Cupronickel (C7521//C7701)
  • Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloy (C18150/18400)
  • beryllium copper vacuum heat treatment