5 Tips For Good Plastic Crate Mould

How to check whether it is a good plastic crate mould? Well, there are five tips for you as above 20-year manufacturing for plastic crate moulds of SinoMould, and which is not including the crate and mould design. After checking that, you will also know the key points for choosing a reliable mould manufacturer for long-term cooperation.


These five tips are from the technical points based on customers’ requirement of quality crate moulds as follows, that’s how to ensure the long mould life under the high-capacity production condition.


1. Correct Mould Steel

Choosing suitable mould steels for different parts of crate mould could improve the mould durability. Which also require the right harden treatment for them.

Such as a 4-cavity plastic crate mould, made by SinoMould, was applied a pre-hardened steel with HRC 33+ for mould base.


2. Optimal Cooling

An optimal cooling means more profit. Thus, the cooling must be done well. SinoMould would ensure the excellent cooling by kinds of ways such as applying mold-max on the molding area with excellent cooling water channel design.


3. Necessary Precision Tooling

To ensure the long-term quality of plastic crates, some processes of crate mould tooling must be precise.

Like the moving parts of crate moulds for the hand pulling area and inner holes touching fruits or vegetable, if they are done not well, then you will find that after months, those areas would be rough for users which would even reduce the functions.

Besides, all moulds that require the high speed running are based on precise machining.


4. Good Hot Runner System

It’s one of the key points for molding excellent plastic crates. As we all know that the nice material for durable and strong crates usually is in low MFI (4 or even 6), which requires higher on hot runner system.

And sometimes, if it is one-off crate, recycle material would be optional for reducing the cost for manufacturers and users. So for this, there would also be different design of hot runner system to avoid damaging cavity and core by the small iron piece and the pebbles.

5.  Hand Pulling Area Part Venting Solution

For crate moulds, it is very important, because the hand pulling areas will be the biggest force focused when the crate was loaded and the people carry the crate, if these areas’ air venting is not perfect, there will be a very obviously jointing line. And the further damages are always come from this line.


Now you have got the points for checking the good plastic crate moulds. If you have any crate projects to start: vegetable crate mould, bread crate mould, bottle crate mould, collapsible crate mould and so on, welcome to contact us for the efficient mould solution or a complete crate molding solution now. 

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