2013-07-15 11:41 Jinan River CNC to lead the industry

2013-07-15 11:41Jinan River CNC to lead the industry

Jinan River CNC was established in 2005, mainly engaged in R & D and manufacturing of Cnc Engraving Machine, in recent years the company focus on technological innovation, Strict product quality, with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies and independent production capabilities, the company has improved product functionality, continuously improve product quality and grades, the market share continues to rise, more part of the high-end products with international advanced technology products in the same stage of the competition to win orders, successfully entered the international high-end market. Production of professional quality products that lead the industry development trend of the future has been a firm belief and pursuit of the goal.

30 years of reform and opening, China’s CNC machinery industry has experienced ups and downs of development, has matured from growth and into the world high-speed CNC equipment and precision CNC machinery production ranks of the country can be said to have become contemporary CNC equipment mainstream machinery manufacturing equipment, production and life in modern applications are increasingly widespread and increasingly supported by government policies, the current market demand is constantly increasing, while the previous era engraving technology can not meet needs, and after years of development, CNC engraving machine industry has gradually entered a bottleneck, the problems the industry is more and more, so the market need a group of high-end CNC equipment, while the market also needs time to adjust, so as to promote industry market better development. The next step in the continuing development of the national economy, policy support, and downstream industry revitalization context, CNC engraving machine industry will maintain rapid growth strong demand, which is bound for the domestic CNC equipment manufacturers to accelerate the development provides a good opportunity.

Jinan River NC to promote industry responsibility, and over the years based on their own strengths, think globally, learning foreign industry advantages and complement each other to create superior products, improve product service system, the development of integrity, the pursuit of professional quality, leading the industry in the future!

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