2013-06-23 23:02 CNC machinery industry need to overcome bottlenecks

2013-06-23 23:02CNC machinery industry need to overcome bottlenecks

At present, the domestic CNC machinery industry has entered a bottleneck, some contradictions gradually revealed, in which the core technology behind the product quality and the most prominent structural problems. In the machine axis, and cnc machine tool manufacturing systems failed to achieve a breakthrough, now up to six axes can do a lot of business under the banner of the name of a breakthrough product, do not be completely domestically, more symbolic than practical significance, Which of course there are objective reasons, the domestic electronics industry behind basis, determine the gap between our high-end CNC system, domestic CNC system architecture, hardware and software accessories, high speed and high precision algorithms require lengthy research and improvement.

Then a more prominent issue is the product quality and structure, most of the machines backward production technology, market, high-end CNC products less, weak competitiveness, both in product performance, quality, reliability, or services, brand impact in such areas as compared with the industrialized countries there is still a wide gap between domestic products only roughly a direct result of the low-end products to meet production needs, once into the high-end, most of the products will be defeated. But in reality, many companies not only pay attention to the expansion of production focus on quality improvement, resulting in a vicious cycle of the industry, the expansion of enterprise scale, product technology upgrade is not obvious, the identical product structure, overcapacity problem is very serious, low levels of product structure, is still in the low end of the global industrial chain.
China is the world’s largest machine tool consumer market, the current machine ownership has reached 8,000,000, in the good market opportunities while also neck bottle CNC machinery industry need to overcome, the next step with the industrial process automation will drive the industry, technological progress and the State policy level support, will promote machine tool industry has made rapid progress, these issues are expected to be changed in the coming years. As the industry’s technology leader in CNC equipment manufacturer, Jinan River CNC technology in recent years, emphasis on product innovation, product innovation driven enterprises to upgrade, rely on innovation to win the market for the product, and actively carry out Cnc Engraving Machine control system core technology research and development , along with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies, and gradually to move closer to the direction of high-end equipment manufacturing, product quality and grade has been significantly improved, the company produced the "triple", "GANGEER" brand woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine series products by the industry and recognized by the customers, and sold around the world.

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