2013-05-23 08:15 CNC equipment — the mainstream of modern machinery manufac

2013-05-23 08:15CNC equipment — the mainstream of modern machinery manufac

CNC equipment is the mainstream of modern machinery manufacturing equipment, is the market hot commodity. China’s CNC machinery industry has experienced 30 years of ups and downs, has been reviewed by growing into maturity, into the world high-speed CNC equipment and precision CNC machinery producer ranks. Jinan River is China’s CNC CNC equipment supplier in the crowd.

Jinan GANGER CNC was established in 2005, mainly engaged in CNC (CNC) equipment production and sales, in recent years, the company continued to focus on technological innovation, Strict product quality, with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies and independent production capabilities, market share rising. Now the company’s main products include three-dimensional Cnc Engraving Machine, architectural models engraving machine, woodworking machining centers, plasma cutting machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, Mold machine, 3D laser scanners and other major series, widely used in machinery manufacturing, furniture, mold, jade, musical instruments, the advertising industry, stone processing industry in different sectors, and sold around the world.
During the second five countries will continue to invest, the next step in economic development, national policy support, upstream and downstream industries revitalization context, China’s strong demand for CNC machinery industry will maintain rapid growth, which will drive our domestic cnc machine its numerical control systems and related features of the market development, but also undoubtedly CNC equipment for the domestic manufacturers continue to develop its own technology to expand the market provides an excellent opportunity.
Looking to the future, Jinan GANGERCNC will firmly grasp the rapid development of China’s CNC equipment industry a good opportunity to further strict quality management, improve product service system to provide customers with more perfect service, the pursuit of excellence, integrity development, production-class products, construction class enterprise!

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